I was asked to share more Ireland pictures, so while I’m home (with my broadband), I’ll upload a few.  We took hundreds, so I’ll try to get some of the best ones.  Enjoy–and click any photo to enlarge. 

Explanations:  not all the “ruins” in Ireland are tourist attractions–some are simply on the side of the road, and you can pull over and prowl around them.  
Wanda, Linda, and Terri. 
Blarney Castle. 
Linda’s face after kissing the Blarney Stone. 
A mixture of old and new at a Tipperary cemetery.  I don’t know why, but this picture moves me. 



  1. Mocha with Linda

    That castle is amazing. Beautiful but also a bit foreboding, ominous and creepy. . . I can just imagine a scene from one of you Cahira books taking place at a place like that.

    It amazes me what they built so many years ago without modern equipment.

    Have a good trip with your husband!

    I, too, am struck by the picture of the cemetery. You can learn a lot about a place by strolling through a cemetery. And it’s a vivid and sobering reminder that “dust we are and to dust we will return.’

  2. Kathy

    Beautiful. Very green.


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