We’re flying home tomorrow (another long journey), so today we drove down to County Cork to kiss the Blarney stone.  Actually, Terri and Linda kissed it–I have already kissed it on a previous journey, and the thought of hanging upside down in some man’s arms didn’t exactly thrill me.  

The castle is amazing and the gardens are lovely–and it’s not even in full bloom yet!  We could only imagine what the grounds would be like with everything in bloom.  Truly a must-see sight in Ireland.  
We have been eating our way across the country, and we’ve had enough potatoes to swear off carbs for a month.  Enjoyed every mouthful, though.  The Irish have a way with potatoes, and they serve them at every meal.  Tonight I had a seafood chowder with a mussel in it . . . interesting.  🙂 
No–we didn’t kill Wanda off.  She just wasn’t feeling strong enough to climb to the top of the castle. 
Enjoy!  And please pray for safe travel tomorrow.  Won’t get home until LATE on Thursday night, then will probably crash on Friday.  And then it’s back to work! 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow, can’t believe you’re already done with the trip. Looks like it was wonderful. My 9th grade boy would LOVE to see a castle. (So would I!) What fun.

    Hope you have a gentle transition back home!

  2. Melissa

    hi Angie! Welcome back home! I saw this and thought of you immediately. it’s so darn cute I could sit and do nothing but watch my screen getting clean. Hope You enjoy!

    PS. I found this when I went to read Mark Lowry’s blog (fellow Liberty alumni)

  3. Anonymous

    The glow on your faces tells the whole story. Some day I will get to the land of some of my ancestors. This has just tweaked me a little bit more! Safe trip home. Clyde


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