In honor of the soon-coming release of SHE ALWAYS WORE RED, we’re having a spring contest! 

Click on the second image to see details about how to enter for the drawing to be held on April first for a tote bag filled with (different) Angela Hunt books! All the books you see in the first picture–plus the book bag, of course! 

Be sure to enter through the “contact” page at Angela Hunt books, not through the blog comments. One entry per family, please. Thanks! 
P.S. We can only ship to United States addresses.  


  1. Dazer Linda G

    I tried to enter but it kept saying that I was trying to access a document that I was not authorize
    to access.

  2. Angela

    I entered you, Linda, so not to worry. Anyone else, just go to my website’s “contact” page and send me a message in the box–not the scrolling box, but the “send an e-mail” box.



  3. Anonymous

    I’m having the same problem as Linda…I tried this morning and then again tonight…tells me that I am trying to access a document?

  4. Angela

    I don’t know why the “send an email” isn’t working for some, but I suspect it’s a browser problem. Try accessing the page through Windows Explorer or Firefox. I’ve been receiving entries all day, so I know it’s working.



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