We had an honest-to-goodness rainy day today.  It’s nearly two o’clock and the sun is peeping out from behind a curtain of cloud, but I loved this morning.  It didn’t sprinkle, it poured.  So I got dressed in my gardening clothes, put on some flip flops, and drove down to Home Depot, which I knew would NOT be crowded. 

I was right.  They had closed the exit to the garden department, so I shopped happily there, getting watered along with all the plants.  I chose geraniums and a nice pot of verbena, then went inside to pay.  And then I splish-splashed my way back out to the car, aware of all the rain-suited employees huddled under the overhang and no doubt envying my who-cares-about-water attitude.  
Then I came home and planted those plants in the wet ground.  I don’t know why this was so much fun, but it was.  Me with wet hair, wet clothes, wet plants–and grateful for the rain.  


  1. Kay

    I’m guessing that the rain is warm there.
    Here, it is ice water. No matter what time of year. But I’ve already decided that the first hot day that it rains, I’m going out in it as long as I can stand it and getting soaked! I mean, I had decided before your post. So now I am a little jealous. I will have to wait till June at least.

  2. Dazer Linda G

    This reminds me of a few years ago when we took our girls to Disney World. It started raining while we at Epcot and everyone was hiding in the shops,like they were afraid to get wet. My kids couldn’t figure out what the problem was, afterall it was just water and it wasn’t as cold as we have at home.
    We started walking in the rain and laughing.

  3. Kathy

    It stormed so bad here Thurs evening that there was no school Friday!

  4. Beth

    Sounds like a great morning splashing in the rain! My kids would have loved to have been with you!

  5. Mocha with Linda

    I’m too much of an indoor girl. I don’t like to get wet! But I admire your spunk and sense of carpe diem!

  6. Ernie W.

    Ahhh. The simple pleasures of life. Nothing like being able to go outside and play, and no one to tell you to get out of the rain.

  7. darien

    I’m a little jealous too–we continue to have snowbanks that are about five feet tall. No kidding! I’m known snow before, but I’m starting to think that it will never go away.

    Yup, I’m jealous!

  8. Anonymous

    all I can say is…come out to Seattle and visit!! We’re not nicknamed the “evergreen State” for nothing! But,I will agree there’s nothing better than splashing in the WARM rain!!


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