Like my “Raise the Stakes” tee shirt?(It’s a writing mantra.)   Don’t think I should wear this to the airport tomorrow, though.  🙂

I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be blogging for the next week because I’m heading to Ireland with some gal pals–in fact, you may know some of them.  We’ve been calling ourselves the “Irish Vagabonds,” and Terri Blackstock, Wanda Dyson, and Linda Windsor have agreed to come with me to Ireland.  I hope they are all packing a spirit of adventure, because it’s cold and wet over there right now, and I think I might have to drive . . . on the “wrong” side of the road yet.  (Don’t tell my husband.) 

This will be my third time to visit the Emerald Isle, and I know I’ll love it once again.  One of God’s most beautiful places . . . and with some of the friendliest people. 

In any case, I’ll try to check in and we do have a book of the month scheduled soon . . . so I’ll try to squeeze that in (or maybe we’ll just skip this month).  All depends upon if I can find a point for wireless internet access.  But I hope to keep in touch and send photos.  🙂  
So if you think of us, please pray for a safe trip, lasting impressions (so we can write about this in some way), and creative refreshment.  


  1. Anonymous

    Prayers will flow! And anticipation, too. With Irish ancestry, it’s a place I’d love to visit. Will look for your photos. Have a marvelous trip.

    Mary Kay

  2. Carrie K.

    I’m so jealous! Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet… 🙂 Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Ooh what fun! I’ve always wanted to go there! Enjoy!

  4. Cindy Swanson

    I’m with Carrie…I’m struggling not to be green with envy, Angela! One of my lifelong dreams is to go to Ireland. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Kay

    LOL at the thought of that shirt at the airport!

    Have a marvelous time! Too bad you can’t go a few weeks later and be there for St. Paddy’s! Wouldn’t that be fun? Or maybe not…
    Watch out for leprechauns and beware of blarney.

  6. Anonymous

    I knew this trip was in the offing, but now it’s really happening – SUPER! My Irish left leg is quite envious!!! Give our regards to Cahira’s family and come back with a good story or two. Clyde

  7. Kristin

    The shirt is sick. It’s a good look for you, Angie. LOL Since you don’t have youngins’ at home, you probably haven’t seen “Are We There Yet?” with Ice Cube, that’s my favorite part of the movie, when they’re in the airport and the kid keeps saying, “You can’t say BOMB?” They end up driving. : )


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