CJ Darlington has asked several Christian novelists for memories of their most memorable Valentine’s Day.  You can read them here

And here’s my story: 

My husband has a boyish sense of humor.  A couple of years ago I woke on Valentine’s Day morning to find a single candy heart on my desk–the first place I stagger each morning. I popped it in my mouth and enjoyed it while I was checking my email.  
Upon reaching the kitchen, I found another candy heart on my placemat.  I ate it, too.  And then when I went to the cupboard, I found another one by my vitamin bottle.  You guessed it–I ate it. 
I figured my hubby was Hansel-and-Gretling–leaving me a sweet trail of candy hearts, and somewhere, I’d find the big payoff–the entire bag of candy.  
Imagine my surprise when I opened the trash can and found the rest of the candy hearts, still in their bag, in the trash.  When he came into the kitchen, I pointed at the now-trash-tainted candy and said, “What gives?” 
Turns out that the carefully-selected and strategically placed candy hearts had messages for me . . . messages I couldn’t read without my reading glasses.  (He threw the rest in the trash because I am on a perpetual diet.) 
The moral of this story?   When love enters its second decade, it’s time to buy candy hearts with large print .  🙂 
Happy Valentine’s Day! 


  1. Rhonda

    This is my first time visiting your blog.

    Very funny story. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That is priceless! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Kay

    ha ha!
    I would do the same thing, even if I could see them.
    Cocolate goes in the mouth. You don’t READ it! LOL

    But that was a very romantic idea. Kudos to him for that.

  4. ~ Brandilyn Collins

    Oh, haha. This is a riot!

    Soo–didja pull the bag out of the trash?

  5. Angela

    Since you asked Brandilyn–

    That year, I didn’t.

    This year, I probably would have! (Waning willpower!)




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