Did you hear about the talking Elmo gone bad?  I read it in yesterday’s St. Pete Times.  Apparently there’s a variety of Elmo known as the “Elmo Knows My Name” doll.  You can program in your child’s name, his friends’ names, and some of his favorite foods.  

Melissa Bowman, who lives in Florida with her son James, gave her son the doll for Christmas.  Elmo did fine until it was time to change the batteries.  After that, Elmo began to say, “Kill James!”  
Eeek .  Melissa wasn’t aware of it until she heard her son saying, “Kill me!” 
Double eek.  
I’ve seen quite a few movies with dolls gone bad–and even Seinfeld’s Kramer was afraid of ventriloquist’s dummies.  I think I’d probably flip if I heard my child’s doll saying such a thing. 
James’ mother contacted Mattel, who agreed to replace Elmo or refund her money.  No one is sure how the little boy’s Elmo became corrupted, but Melissa Bowman says she’s locking it in the closet at night. 


  1. Tim

    Quadruple ‘eek’! Forget the Elmo, I’d take my money back. After all, it doesn’t stay long enough with me to talk. 🙂

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Glad Mattel is refunding or replacing. The interview I saw she said they weren’t too concerned.

  3. Kay

    Elmo is scary enough already!
    That’s like every kids worst fear come true. Poor kid.

  4. Kathy

    Yikes. If you can’t count on Elmo, who can you count on??

  5. Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous!

    Maybe I’m just weird — which is TOTALLY possible — but it seems to me that all talking dolls are scary.

    Now, my baby doll that actually ate and then… well, you know. That was a cool doll. But a talking one? No thanks.


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