I spent a good part of yesterday putting together my winter newsletter.  If you didn’t get one, you can read it here.  And you can get the next edition by signing up for it in the box to your right.  Be sure to respond to the confirmation email you will receive–you have to reconfirm to be sure you’re on the list (all the hoopla is protection against spam).  Don’t worry, the newsletter only goes out four times a year, so it won’t be flooding your mailbox.

Mom, are you on the list? Aunt Rene? 
Because Florida’s primary is next week, my phone keeps ringing. The caller ID says, “Political Caller.”   I’ve heard recorded speeches from Mitt Romney, McCain, and Rudy.  Now I’ve begun to lift the receiver and drop it as soon as I see that “PC” in the “ID.” 

Incidentally, I think I should write a book called “How Not to Make Money on EBay.”  I recently got a new printer/scanner/fax machine, so I thought I’d sell my old scanner and fax on the auction site.  They were older models, so I priced them at $4.99 and estimated their weight. Long story shot–they both cost more to mail than the buyers paid in total, so I sent the buyers a note and told them to consider the items a gift.  🙂  
Maybe that’s what the Lord intended all along.  And now, I really ought to get to work . . . 


  1. Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous!

    I, with my 23 year old self, should REALLY be good on eBay.

    And yet, I’m not.

    Signing up for the newsletter now!

  2. Patti Goldbach

    Didn’t get the newsletter so figured maybe I just thought I had signed up. But when I tried to sign up a little box came up and told me I was already signed up. I tried to look at my profile and it said it had sent me an e-mail which I didn’t get. So I went and checked my blocked sender list but you’re not there. In any event it would have sent it directly to my delete file and nothing is there either. 🙁

  3. Lynda

    Hey DOCTOR Hunt! I read your newsletter–Way to go on earning that degree! I’m soooo jealous. I’m working on a master’s and it seems like it’s taking way too long. You’re my inspiration to keep going. Congrats!

  4. Kathy

    Nope. No newsletter.

  5. Angela

    If you didn’t get the newsletter–check your spam folder. If it’s not there, it may have bounced from your ISP. Some of them don’t like anything that “looks like” a newsletter . . .

    Sigh. Technology. It loves us, it loves us not . . .


  6. Mocha with Linda

    I got your newsletter and was thrilled to receive it, dear Dr. Hunt!! And it would be fine with me if it came out more than 4 times a year! We need to get you down here to Texas – preferably Central Texas! 🙂

    And yeah, eBay’s a doubled-edged sword. Sometimes I look at something and think I’m going to get a really great deal, and then I look at what they’re going to charge me for shipping and think, “or not”.

  7. ~ Brandilyn Collins

    Wait a minute, this is too weird. I have a Mom and an Aunt Rene too…

  8. Accidental Poet

    yeah I had an Auntie Rene too …my Auntie Rene was actually named Noreen but when I was tiny I called her Auntie Reenie because I liked the rhyme, and it stuck. My brother and I were the only ones of all her nieces and nephews that call her that.

    I also have a Mom 🙂

  9. The Koala Bear Writer

    Enjoyed your newsletter so signed up to receive it. Can’t wait to read The Face – sounds fascinating. Congrats too on getting your Ph.D… I’m waiting to hear back on my application to a master’s program.

  10. Angela

    My “Aunt Rene” is actually Irene, but we’ve always called her “Aunt Rene.” Except when spoken Southern, it comes out like “Ain’t Reen.” And Ain’t Ruby, and Ain’t Edna, and Mom. 🙂 Four sisters, who are just begging to make an appearance in one of my books . . .


    P.S. Mom and Aunt Rene–I signed you up for the newsletter, so you don’t have to do it. 🙂

  11. Charlotte

    I just got your newsletter and followed the link to the writers conference coming up in April. I write travel articles along with two other dear friends. We call ourselves ThreeOlBags. We have been looking for a good writers conference to attend, that we could afford and this one seems like it might be the one. I am going to send them the info and Lord willing ThreeOlBags just might get to meet you there.
    Thank you for your encouragement to beginning writers, and your unashamed statement of faith.

  12. Anonymous

    A gal pal time in the Kentucky mountains, a doctorate, and roses! What a month. CONGRATULATIONS, Angie, ah, hem–I mean, Dr. Hunt. So happy for you. And what, pray tell, will you do with the extra time? (HA. You already WOW me with what you can accomplish in a week.)

    Wish I could join you at Glen Eirey? but we will be celebrating my Dad’s 95th birthday that weekend. Maybe next year.

    Mary Kay


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