One of the hardest things for me to do as a parent was to teach my children about money–and the value of a dollar.  (Believe me, we’re still struggling with that lesson.) 

I heard about giving your kids a clothing budget at the beginning of the school year and making them stick to it–great idea, but it didn’t really work for my kids because they wore school uniforms. 
Anyway, the other day I read a tip in the Wall Street Journal that seemed absolutely brilliant.  How I wish I’d thought of it when my kids were small–and it’s this: 
The next time (and maybe always) when you’re out with your kids in a restaurant and they’re about to order a soft drink, ask them if they want the drink–of if they’d rather drink water and take the dollar instead. 
Aye, see what I mean?  
As to the dollar with my picture in it–obviously, one day I had far too much free time on my hands.  Yes, there is a page where you can make your own money.  Just don’t try to spend it.  🙂 


  1. CrownLaidDown

    Good idea—both the dollar and the WSJ article. I think I might even have them pay me a dollar if they order one 🙂

    BTW, thank you for your prayers! I still have faith that we’ll be able to get the books at the end of March :), be generous and pay off the other things! Hopeful!

    Much love,

  2. Kathy

    If all of us go out then anyone wanting a soda has to buy his or her own–I buy the dinner, they buy the drink. I really haven’t had any complaints with it. Sodas are $2 a glass most places here and that makes it $14 more for us!!

  3. Suzanne

    I love that $1 idea! My kids will totally go for that. “I’ll pay you $1 if you drink water” it’s better for them too!


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