Maybe it’s turning fifty . . . or maybe it’s the solitude of a writer’s life, but lately I’ve realized how important girlfriends are.  So Friday morning I’m flying off to Kentucky, where I’m spending the weekend with three close girlfriends (who happen to be writers, too).  Looking forward to laughing and (probably) shedding a few tears, too.  Catharsis is good for the soul. 

My coats are doing a happy dance because one of them gets to come out of the closet!  🙂 Which one shall it be? . . . .

And next month, I’m going to Ireland with three DIFFERENT girlfriends–three daring souls who took me up on my offer to just take off and spend a week tooling around the Emerald Isle.  (Why people didn’t jump to go with me when I asked for volunteers to go to the Amazon jungle, I’ll never know.)  
And after that, my work travel schedule begins.  A few conferences this year, but hubby and I are going to take some time after one of them to see northern California . . . should be fun. 
All that to say that I’ll probably be away from the blog for a few days.  But I hope to return rested, refreshed, and with pictures! 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Oh what fun! Have a WONDERFUL time with lots of laughter and make some special memories!

  2. Kathy

    Oh, I am so jealous! Ya know, I could just sort of sneak along on your trip to Ireland. I’m sure I need to go and do some research for a story, yeah that’s it, research : )

  3. Nicole

    Be sure to see Galway!

  4. Marla Taviano

    Ireland?!? Sigh. How dreamy.

    Kentucky? As an Ohioan, I’ll pass on that one. 🙂 But have fun!

    Before you go tomorrow, listen to yourself on the podcast! (better yet, listen with your friends)

    If anyone’s interested, my hubby has a podcast at Angie did an AWESOME interview with him (it’s in the middle segment of 3), and it’s on-line as of a few minutes ago.

    Have fun with your girlies, Angie!

  5. Melissa

    shed a few tears but laugh even more! enjoy the precious time. I’m counting down myself til the end of the week to run away for a weekend…maybe across the border to our northern friends,maybe south to finally visit Mount St Helens…maybe just the living room of my girlfriend next to a warm fire. 😉
    Northern,California? How about a wee bit further here in Seattle,WA? San Juans,Pike Place,Space Needle…McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy???

  6. CrownLaidDown

    I wonder if you’ll see my friend Liz Curtis Higgs? She came and taped here in Colorado Springs for her last study. She had a wonderful grace-filled response to the trials of sound problems, which perfectly shone through as she spoke on grace!

    If so, have lots of laughter and be sure and work those belly laughing muscles as you enjoy much chocolate!

    Either way, have a wonderful time! I am praying a safe journey with God-incidences all over it. And enjoy the fun and safety of being among friends.


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