If you haven’t seen Mike Huckabee’s latest ad, you can watch it here. 

I’ve watched it several times, and I have to scratch my head–some people are off their rockers about this simple wish for a meaningful Christmas.  Some accuse Huckabee of “invoking Christ” in a political ad (and what would be wrong with it in this context?) , and Ron Paul has, in referring to the ad, quoted Sinclair Lewis: “when facism comes it will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

Why mention the cross?  Because of the cross-shaped windowpane behind Huckabee’s head. 

Sigh.  Honestly. 



  1. Athol

    On one level, it is discouraging to realize we’ve come to a place in our society where people feel free attacking a man for the possibility that he might have said, “Merry Christmas” while sitting in front of a cross. On the other hand, anyone can see it is a shelving system and NOT a cross (who puts Christmas ornaments on a cross?), so on another level the reaction is actually encouraging. It’s clear they’re making something out of nothing because they can’t find anything better to attack Huckabee with. Everything they’ve tried so far has turned into a non-issue. They are desperate. And that is good news, indeed.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Kay

    I see the “cross” as being a reference to Christ. Christ, Christianity, The Cross…same thing.
    And unfortunately, Lewis’ quote has proven true throughout history. But just because fascists have used “Christianity” or the “Cross” to further their purposes doesn’t mean that every person who claims Christ is a fascist. Ridiculous. The reference is completely irrelevant.
    Not long ago, Huckabee’s Christmas greeting would have been imitated, rather than rebuked.

  3. Anonymous

    I Love it! I’m off to Texas today to be with the grandbabies. Going to the Nutcracker, special parties and B-Ball games at schools, and lots of church services! A very Blessed Christmas to all! Clyde

  4. Angela

    Have a wonderful trip, Clyde! And a very blessed Christmas!


  5. Kay

    ah, sorry. Without TV, I never know what’s going on. I read an article and understand now. They WERE referring to the bookcase. Oh brother.

  6. Pam Meyers

    I first heard of this in an article on the Fox News website. Of course, they had a photo from the video, freezeframed with the cross-like image over his shoulder. I went to the video to see for myself and the camera never stopped panning at the point the photo was lifted. It was so easy to see it was intended as either a bookcase or window with the grid around the window panes thick enough to hold ornaments.

    They are really stretching it here. How ridiculous.


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