I dragged hubby to the Tampa Performing Arts Center the other night to see the Rockettes.  🙂  (He’s a good sport.)  And at the 3/4 quarter point they started doing this song with an encore ending, and I said to him, “This feels like a finale.  Doesn’t this feel like a finale?  But it’s not over yet.” 

And then they brought the curtain down, and then they had a living Nativity, followed by a reading of that “One Solitary Life” piece.  The Nativity was beautiful, complete with two live camels, a donkey, and a couple of sheep. 
Afterwards–no curtain call for the dancers or singers.  Just a quiet, dignified good night from the announcer. 
And on the way home I thought about the producers’ commitment to excellence–I mean, I’ll bet they’ve hired two or three people just to travel with and care for those animals who were only on the stage five minutes.  Yet it was important to them.  Details matter. 
And I thought about the Rockettes–there are no “stars” in the kick line, in fact, from a distance the young women are virtually indistinguishable from each other.  Yet thousands of girls work their feet to the bleeding point just for a place in that line.  
And isn’t that what we can/should do?  Not worry about having a “starring” role in the Lord’s service, but just to be content to work hard for a place in the kick line.  Just to be honored and grateful that we’re kicking it up for Jesus. 
Okay, I know I’m venturing near an edge.  🙂  But still, I loved the analogy . . . and the fact that the show ended with Jesus as the star. 
P.S. Don’t forget the encore airing of THE NOTE on tonight (Thurs) at 9 p.m. EST. 


  1. jan

    i bet that was absolutely beautiful! and, i really liked your analagy!

  2. Leanna

    I always wanted to be a Rockette but wasn’t tall enough. Don’t ya love it that to kick it up for Jesus there are no height requirements!

  3. Nick

    So Angie, how soon will you begin your novel featuring a Rockette as the protagonist?

    Actually, it would make a great murder mystery, wouldn’t it? A Rockette is murdered on stage while performing. It was a poison dart….but was it launched by the envious Rockette next to her, or one of the other girls? Or was it the stage manager whom the dead Rockette refused to date? Or the manager? Or the costumer? Or???

    No….on second thought, just a nice mainstream novel featuring a Rockette. There you go. Fun research, eh?

  4. Angela

    LOL! I actually AM tall enough to be a Rockette (I hear you have to be 5’9″), but was raised Baptist. Dancing was, um, not encouraged. Though I can tell you this–I’m gonna dance in heaven. Maybe professionally. 🙂

    And now I’m quite sure I’d sprain something if I tried to kick that high!

    Nick–tee hee!–I think I’ll leave the Rockette research to you. I think you may be on to something!


  5. Kay

    I am very impressed with them! In this day when some people are so concerned about “Happy Holidays” replacing Christmas, it is nice to hear of something like this. Very cool. Very classy.

  6. sharon o

    Angie,thanks for that great analogy. I will post that on the bulletin board today at work. We need to hear that every once in a while…kicking it up for Jesus.

  7. Leanna


    I’m sure God saved me from myself in making me too short to be a Rockette. I was raised Baptist too, but uh, well, guess I wasn’t a very good one. 🙂


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