Instead of sharing something cute and funny today, I want to share a sobering truth. I recently received my friend Randy Alcorn’s newsletter, in which he talked about the upcoming election and the importance of taking a stand that is pro-life. 

Then I watched the video he recommended. You’ll find it here. 
I urge you to watch it, especially at this time of year. We are celebrating the birth of a tiny baby, one who was the incarnation of God in man. 
And yet all human babies bear the image of God. What is the difference between me, an adult woman, and a pre-born baby?  Size, certainly–but that baby only needs time to grow.  We both need food, oxygen, shelter, and nourishment. We both depend upon others to provide our needs. We are both created in the image of God, and we are both precious to Him. 
This is an issue that we must not ignore. We cannot be complacent about the status quo. When I watched the movie “Amazing Grace” and saw those Englishmen and women fighting against slavery, I couldn’t help but feel that we who fight for the rights of pre-born children are facing the same kind of struggle. 
But victory is possible . . . and God will be honored when we speak up for those who are innocent. 
The other day I was helping my hubby outline one of his sermons for middle schoolers. He wanted to talk about “Blessed are the merciful,” and he said, “How do kids show mercy?” 
“They can show it,” I answered, “to animals and younger children. To those who are weaker. Because we are demonstrating God’s merciful nature when we look out for those who cannot always fend for themselves.” 
Please take a moment to read Randy’s article and watch the video. And this Christmas, as we focus on the tiny baby in the manger, let’s remember that He was God incarnate from the moment of his conception. 
Life does not “begin” at birth, my friends . . . it began with God. 

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  1. The Koala Bear Writer

    I’ll pursue the links that you left here later, Angie, but thanks for posting this. In Canada, January marks twenty years since the decision to legalize abortion – at any stage of a pregnancy.

    This Christmas I’m expecting my first child, and it’s made me really think about the way God chose to enter the world and what Mary went through. I’m amazed at God’s trust in sending His son as a tiny baby… to a world that didn’t tolerate unwed mothers and might have stoned Mary. And as I think about the huge responsibilituy I feel in carrying and protecting my baby, I wonder what Mary felt in knowing that she carried and protected the Son of God. Wow!

    I love your last statement, that life began with God.


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