I am beginning to get excited about seeing THE NOTE on the Hallmark channel on Dec. 8th–one week from today!   My book club chose that book as our book this month, so I need to read it again!  (It’s been a while!) 

And Hallmark has done some amazing things with the website.  A few weeks ago I told you about whatwouldyouwrite.com.  If you visit that site now, you’ll find that it’s been absorbed into a larger site–with a photo gallery, video clips, plot synopsis (which sounds a LOT like the novel), and much more!  Click here to visit the site directly. 
Be sure to check out everything, but especially the first and last video clips.  I get all teary-eyed just watching them.  🙂 Please help me spread the word about the movie! 
THE NOTE, if you’re not familiar with the story, is about a newspaper reporter who finds a note that washes up from a plane crash. The message is simple:  “T–I love you. All is forgiven. Dad.”  She decides to make it her goal to deliver the note to the intended recipient. And since her newspaper column isn’t doing so well, she decides to write about her quest in the paper. 
Tomorrow: how the idea sparked and germinated. 


  1. Accidental Poet

    It doesn’t look like it’s being aired here, or we don’t get that channel, or something …


  2. Julee Ann

    Beginning to get excited???? I’ve been excited for weeks now and I don’t even know you. (Although you’ve been in my favorites and I read every post) Are you having a party? Can’t wait to hear how the story came about. God bless and break a leg. 🙂 Julee

  3. Kathy

    I just read The Note so I could compate it to the movie. But I just really wanted a few certain people to get what they deserved in the end! You are too nice!

  4. Doni Brinkman

    Am halfway through it this evening. This is my second time round (of course) but I am enjoying every page. Back to my book now.

  5. Patti Goldbach

    Have looked at the site before (and again just now) and was disappointed that they didn’t at least say “based on the novel by…” Guess once they buy the screen rights the real author goes by the wayside. Hope the movie is as good as the book.

  6. Anonymous

    I second Patti’s comment in its entirety! Also I’m watching it AND taping it for future viewing. Bring in the popcorn and Kleenex and settle down for an excellent evening’s entertainment! Clyde

  7. Lynn Coleman

    Hi Angie,

    I’m looking forward to seeing “The Note” on Hallmark. They’ve been advertising it well the past week. Congrats.


  8. Anonymous

    this site for “the note” is wonderful! i can’t wait to see the movie!


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