Because I set The Note in Tampa Bay–my home–I didn’t have to do too much research into the setting.  I did have to research the job of newspaper columnist, however, as well as panic attacks. 

To learn how to be a newspaper columnist, I emailed a local columnist at the Tampa Tribune. I had admired Judy Hill’s work for some time, so I asked her to lunch. Happily, she agreed to meet me and let me pick her brain. 
I’ll confess something–I was really nervous.  In some crazy way, I felt that she was a REAL writer, while I was just playing around.  Anyway, we had a nice lunch, she was very kind, and she answered all the “who, what, when, where, how, and how often?” questions that I needed to know.  
As to the panic attacks–something Peyton suffers from–I sent out a call to some email friends, and I was amazed at how many of my friends have suffered from them.  I never have, but I began to understand the condition and what it feels like.  
I did some research on plane crashes, and some geographical research because Peyton travels during the story. But mostly it’s a character plot about the changes that take place in the protagonist.  
I know they changed the setting for the movie–since they’ve set the story at Christmas, they wanted a place that LOOKED like Christmas, and Tampa Bay doesn’t really qualify, not even with our decorations on full display.  🙂  Too much sunshine down here. 
Tomorrow: the writing 


  1. Ashley Weis

    Ah, the research. I love this part of writing. You learn so much, about things you never dreamed of learning about.

    It’s amazing how a story is born, and then you learn so many new things to help bring it to life.

    Writing… so much fun.

  2. Dazer Linda G

    Just thought I’d let everyone know that Genie Francis will be on “The View” Monday and on Friday Ted McGinley,who is also in “The Note” movie will be on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Maybe we’ll get to see a clip of the movie.

  3. Angela

    Thanks so much for telling us, Linda! I’ll try to record the snippet. 🙂

    We’re getting close!



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