I confess.  They sent me a copy of THE NOTE, which I have just finished watching.  And once my nose shrinks back down to its normal size and my eyes dry up, I’ll tell you how I felt about it.  🙂  I strongly suggest keeping a box of tissues within reach. 
Time for questions and answers.  
Susan asked what “T” in The Note had to be forgiven for.  
I had to go back and read the section myself, but it was the fight she and her father had. The fight stemmed from her desire to search (treading carefully as not to give plot elements away), but you know how fights escalate, especially when you’re in adolescence.  Dad thought that she was taking Mom for granted, and the fight grew out of that. She may not have presented her desire very diplomatically.  And Dad knew she’d want to make things right, so he forgave her. 
So it wasn’t that he was upset because she wanted to search, but emotions and feelings always arise when that topic comes up.  It wasn’t that they couldn’t have worked through them eventually, but they didn’t have a chance to get to that place. 
Why is the note addressed to “T?”  Because my children’s names begin with that initial.  (No one asked that question, but I thought I’d throw out the answer.) 
Someone asked if I’d seen Glenn Beck’s speech about Mitt Romney.  No, I hadn’t seen that, though I did see him on GMA yesterday defending Romney.  And while I still like Glenn’s political views, his quickness, and his intelligence, I don’t agree with Mormon theology. I’m voting for Mike Huckabee.  
And I think that’s it!  I’ll have a blog on Sunday for anyone who wants to tell me what you thought of the movie.  I’m re-reading the book right now, because there’s a lot I’ve forgotten.  The movie is different in many ways, but the basic plot is the same. And they added a couple of elements that I really like–especially at the end.  
Thanks for joining me for another book of the month!  And I hope you’re able to watch and enjoy the movie! 


  1. Christina Berry

    We can’t wait for the movie! My mom’s hosting a “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Christmas party Friday night. It’s a church function where nobody knows who the hosts are or who will be attending. We were whining that your movie is coming out one day too late or she’d have it be the entertainment for the dinner.

    Also, my local (Portland, OR) Christian station’s traffic report was sponsord by “The Note” this morning. I wanted to yell, “BASED ON THE NOVEL BY ANGIE HUNT!”

  2. Suzanne

    I’m all set to watch tomrrow night too…after we get home from a church party.

    Are you celebrating tomrrow night Angie?

  3. Leanna

    It’s on the Hallmark channel, right? Looking forward to it!

  4. Deborah Raney

    I think that’s one reason the book touched me so much, Angie; all four of our kids’ names begin with T, too. [Note to prospective parents: this is NOT a good idea. You end up stuttering a lot just to get everyone to the dinner table. ; ) ]

  5. Kathy

    I have one T, one A, and 3 J’s. A lot of times I get the wrong J child and end up yelling, “J child, get out here!” I have two “K’s” waiting in Haiti who are twins so that will be fun, too : )


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