Okay, I know this is silly.  And probably the worst time of year to do this.  But here’s the scoop–remember that contest I had for Fairlawn slogans?  The winner, a very nice lady, I’m sure, hasn’t sent me her address, though I’ve peppered her inbox with emails for the last three weeks.  I guess she doesn’t want the ten-pound box of books (all different titles) I offered as a prize.  

So I’ve had this box packaged up and ready to go, but taking up precious space in my office, for far too long. (And I’d hate to diagram that sentence.) 
And so I’m offering another contest–call it the consolation contest.  Call it crazy.  Call it anything you like, but please play. 
I hope you have a pet (or can borrow one), because here’s the deal:  dress your pet as your favorite character from an Angela Hunt novel and snap a picture.  Email it to me.  I will post several pictures in my blog, but I’m going to let my book club members vote on their favorite at our next meeting, which will be December 10th.  
And you’d better send a line telling me WHO or WHAT  your pet represents . . . and from which book he/she sprang.  🙂  
The winner will receive the ten-pound box of Angela Hunt books.  🙂  And this time, I hope someone claims it! 
Ready, set . . . go! 


  1. twiga92

    Oh, that’s such a great idea! Our cats would never tolerate getting dressed up – but how fun! Can’t wait to see pics of this.

  2. Kathy

    Trying to figure out how to get our dog and a gun in the church elevator with no one noticing : ) Just kidding. Some poor little old lady would have a heart attack.

  3. Deena

    A box of Angela Hunt books sounds like a dream come true…but I don’t have my turtle anymore. I have a ceramic one…would she count?

    Ahhh, well…congrats to whoever wins this precious prize.

  4. Pam Meyers

    I second that about trying to dress up a cat. At least the one that lives with me now. LOL. When I was a kid I had a very amiable cat who did tolerate my dressing him up in my doll’s clothes. That is unusual for a cat!

    I, too, will sit back and enjoy the snaps of others’ pets.

  5. Suzanne

    I sent an email of Zoey…she did not enjoy getting dressed up. I emailed it to angela@angelahuntbooks.com was that the right place to send it?

  6. Angela

    Please send your entries to Angie at angelaelwellhunt.com. (Use the @ symbol, of course. I spell it out to avoid the spam gremlins who troll for online email addresses . . . )


  7. Suzanne

    Thanks! I was just going to try to resend it because it got bumped back to me LOL


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