Okay, this little thing is driving me crazy. It’s supposed to tell if you’re left or right brained. Look at the twirling dancer in the link above and tell me–is she twirling counter clockwise or clockwise?

Yesterday she twirled counter-clockwise for me nearly all day. But after I took a break to do some reading, I came back and saw her as twirling clockwise. Yet I ran her past some of my friends who swear that she’s consistently turning clockwise (I suppose they’re much more creative than I am.) But the pragmatist in me says that she ought to be twirling in one way for all! No switching back and forth!

And no, she doesn’t really change–some of my pals watched with their spouses, and each of them saw her twirling in a different direction–some even saw her “change” while the other one didn’t!

Sigh. Okay–so look at her and tell me–which way does she twirl for YOU? OOps! Now’s she’s twirling clockwise!



  1. Accidental Poet

    Okay THAT is making my head explode.

    Counter-clockwise and then clockwise and then counter clockwise for a turn and a half and then clockwise.

    (leaves, whimpering)

  2. Angela

    You must have a very facile brain. Mine gets in a rut–I see her one way or the other, but I can’t make her change directions without leaving and coming back . . . much later. 🙂


  3. Kay

    She switched three times while I was watching.
    When I’ve taken other tests for this I come out pretty much in the middle. Maybe that’s why it switches? But my daughter saw it switch the same time I did the first time…
    I think it’s a trick or something.

  4. Accidental Poet

    Yes, A and I saw it switch at the same time, too, and Brad sees her as going clockwise, and he has no right brain. (He married his right brain)

  5. Accidental Poet

    !!!! okay NOW I’m making her change direction at will!!! I close my eyes and imagine her going in the opposite direction to what she is going, and when I open my eyes, she’s switched!

  6. Accidental Poet

    And NOW A and I are seeing it going opposite directions – shame on you, Angie. Do you want to see how much I’ve written on my novel today??? Here it is:

    “Brynn “


  7. Erica Vetsch

    Though I’m dizzy now, I saw her first one way, then the other, then back again. My kids did too, though my DH saw it clockwise the whole time.


  8. Angela

    I think those of you who can make her change at will . . . you must be part Vulcan or something. 🙂


  9. {Karla}

    she is always spinning clock-wise for me. Can not get her to go the other way.

    ps- Angela, I wrote a post on excellent Christian fiction about a month ago and you are on my list ;0)

  10. Deborah

    me and my mom both say she goes clockwise, but my dad said counter clockwise and then she switched on him and then switched back.

    it’s making me dizzy trying to make her switch lol. i feel like i’m trying to use the force on her or something

  11. Kay

    I did it! I knew if Susan could, then I can, because we are alike!
    I could switch her before she even completed a revolution. but it hurt.

  12. CrownLaidDown

    I saw her going mainly clockwise, but then she turned counter-clockwise. How frustrating! Why?? Why can’t she just go one direction?

    My husband came and saw her only going counter-clockwise and said he was distracted (in a grade school manner) for she needs some clothes on 🙂

    Hee hee, you find the funniest fun things to do!

  13. Shauna

    Back and forth, back and forth for me.

  14. Accidental Poet

    Maybe you have to have an IQ below 130 in order to make her switch directions at will.

  15. Carrie K.

    She only goes clock-wise for me. I’ve only clicked on it a couple times, though. I tried closing my eyes, clicking away – I can’t see her going any other direction.

  16. Angela

    Yes, the men seem to notice her attire (or lack of it) first thing. I told my husband that I see her wearing a bodysuit. 🙂


  17. Catherine

    Clockwise which doesn’t surprise me since I am left handed and the lefties all know that we are the only ones in our right minds anyway 😉 .

  18. Nicole

    Clockwise and naked, yup.

  19. Cindy Swanson

    I instantly saw her spinning clockwise, and she stayed that way for several minutes…then I glanced away to see what it meant, and when I came back, she was counterclockwise! The next time I looked, she was clockwise again. So I guess if I go with my first instincts, I’m more right-brained than left.

  20. Anonymous

    The poor girl is confused … and dizzy! She was consistently going clockwise for me, then when I ignored her for a moment, she started going counter-closkwise. But when I looked directly at her, she remembered herself and started towards the right again. BTW, she does have a body suit on … I saw the seams! Thx for today’s laugh!!! Clyde

  21. Jeni

    Wow…I think she changed directions for me at least ten times! What does that mean?


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