Okay, if you need to play–click away! Click on one horse, two horses, three, or four–and then click some more! But then come back to check out these other goodies.

Now that we’ve had our fun, is shaping up to be a moving site about THE NOTE. I even recognize some names on those notes!

And please visit to read what our friend Terri Blackstock wrote about the upcoming election. Terri doesn’t (yet) have a regular blog, so we’ll have to enjoy her on Athol’s blog!

Congratulations to Jean with her slogan of “Your serenity guaranteed” for the Fairlawn Funeral Home. I’m boxing up a ten-pound box of books for her.

I am enjoying this lull between novels. I’m officially working on the third book in the Fairlawn series, titled SHE’S IN A BETTER PLACE. And I AM working, I’m just not writing yet. I’m . . . percolating. A lovely part of the process, especially when major appliances in your house break down and your day is interrupted with daughters-with-wisdom-teeth-extractions, etc.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to percolating . . .



  1. jan

    congrats to jean!
    and, angela, it sounds like you have had a tough day! i hope that tomorrow will be better!

  2. Suzanne

    Ugh. Wisdom teeth extractions. Please give her our love (and lots of ice cream!)

  3. CrownLaidDown

    I love the games you post…so fun!

    I think percolating sounds just fine 🙂

    Praying for your daughter…and home appliances!
    Love in Him,


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