This video made me laugh out loud. Listen carefully and you will hear that these pets are trying to copy what their owners say. It’s hilarious!



  1. Anonymous

    Oh, it’s great to be back on your blog, and what a re-entry!!! My two cats were asleep on the bed behind me until I started this video. Boy, did their ears perk up. I was howling with laughter while they were looking all around for the intruders. What a great start to the day. Thx, Angie! Clyde

  2. Kay

    This was funny! We got a dog four weeks ago. She doesn’t talk much. I wish she did, she seems like she has a lot of intelligent things to say.
    She slept right through this whole video, too.

  3. Angela

    My dogs perked up as this was playing, but they don’t “speak” either–unless, of course, a UPS man is coming up the sidewalk. Then they bark “I’m going to eat you” and he hears them, believe me!

    Poor man.



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