My hubby and I went out tonight to see TWELVE ANGRY MEN, starring Richard Thomas, aka “John Boy Walton.” A powerful play and well done. Plus, it was nice to get out of the house!

Need to do your fall cleaning? Check out the above web page, and your cleaning quandries are over!


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  1. Marla Taviano

    This has nothing to do with house cleaning (I avoid that as much as possible). I just hadn’t been to your blog in awhile and was scrolling down and saw the story about your Jewish neighbor.

    God is so GOOD. I, too, have a Jewish neighbor. She’s from Latvia–speaks perfect English (and 3 other languages). Anyway, we’ve developed a friendship. My girls play with her little boy. She knows I’m a Christian. She’s read my books.

    She’s so open to ME but has made it clear that she is not open to JESUS. Your post and the comments were so encouraging to me.

    I’m going to pray about giving her a copy of Shadow Women or something similar.

    My heart’s desire is to love, love, love her to Christ. Thanks for sharing, Angie! God directed me to your blog tonight apparently.


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