On the 25th of this month, we will have been in our present house five years. (Yes, the picture really is my house, but the lawn looks nothing like those trees . . . and is no where near that size. My office is the big set of windows all the way to the left). I don’t know about you, but for me, five years is a long time. It’s not the longest we’ve ever stayed in one house (eight years is the record), but it’s long enough for me to start itching.

But moving is out of the question, and so are major home improvements (the only way I made it through eight years at the record-holding house). You see, I’m an INTJ, and our mantra is “improvement, improvement!”, and I have to be improving something in order to be happy. In the past, in other houses, this has taken the form of adding on–rooms, garages, porches, walkways, you name it. But in this house, there’s no room to expand. And there’s a homeowners association that frowns on undue creativity, if you get my drift.

Which leaves me between books and itching to improve . . . so I’ve begun to move furniture. The old office carpet is gone because 1) it had holes in it, worn by Charley’s nesting and 2) it was very doggy. I bought a new rug for the office and the dogs love it so much they just smile and loll around on it, ensuring that it will soon be every bit as doggy as the one sitting out by the curb. That’s why I buy inexpensive acrylic rugs for my office. You can throw them out every five years and not feel wasteful.

Today I also took a long look at my library, adjacent to my office, which has not had a good traffic flow since we moved in. One entire wall is bookshelves, which you might expect, and the opposite wall is windows. I need a comfy chair in there, a chair in which one can curl up with a good book, but the present chair is a bit too small for such purposes.

Fortunately, I had the perfect chair in the living room, a match with my two sofas. I learned long ago, though, that one should not be afraid to break up sets of anything. So the large comfy chair has gone into the library, and the too-small chair is on its way Out. I think it’ll end up in the middle school department, tucked into a little room somewhere.

Whenever one piece of furniture is moved, however, others must be moved, too, so the French bookcase went into the hallway, the easel with painting had to move from the hallway to the dining room, and the library table had to go where the French bookcase used to be. And, of course, I had to go out and buy a new chair–a lovely French country piece with cushions and a rush seat–from my local Home Goods store. All in all, I feel good about my nesting, even though I’ve only adjusted one room. Many rooms were touched, but only one rug and one (inexpensive) chair was purchased. The “Trading Spaces” people would be proud of me. đŸ™‚

Something about fall weather awakens my nesting urge. But moving furniture is much cheaper and easier than moving. At least, that’s what I keep telling my husband when I tell him what has to be hauled in or out.

How about you? Do you re-feather the nest in spring? Fall? Or do you just hop up and look for a new nest?



  1. Christy Lockstein

    We’ve moved five times in the last seven years, so I know that itch. And now we’re finally looking into buying instead of renting. That won’t happen until spring, so I’m focusing on trying to get the house straightened.

  2. Elsi Dodge

    Goodness, I was raised that you never change anything in a house! We had to get paint specially mixed, to match the old paint over 38 years! And I don’t care enough to purposely move things around—other than books on shelves. Those are moved in order to make room for more. The cat, on the other hand, has a creative streak and likes to rearrange everything he can.

  3. jan

    we have moved, and i kid you not, 16 times over the last 22 years! we are retired now, so we really hope we never have to move again!
    i am happy to say that we have lived in this house for four wonderful years! we downsized considerably when we moved into this house, so i have had to be very creative on decorating!

  4. Kay

    This is our 12th place in 14 years. And our longest stay was almost six years, so some of those years we moved more than once!
    I love rearranging. I love making something old and tired look new by sticking it somewhere else.
    I also have decor that changes with the seasons — wreaths, table cloths, nick-nacks, art, etc.

  5. Nicole

    Many years ago, we used to move every time a racing meet ended. Now we’ve lived in our home for 23 years. It once was once rural but no longer is. We’re surrounded by housing developements being erected on all sides of us. Time to sell and move.

  6. Suzanne

    We’ve moved 10 times in 15 years. We’re almost at 2 years in our current house (parsonage) and I feel the need to start fixing up again. Our youth pastor moved 2 months ago so his parsonage is empty, my husband and I spent this morning painting over there. THat took care of my fixing urge!

  7. Ernie W.

    Well, we’re not movers, been at this house for nineteen years. The nesting, oh it happens on the same frequency as the appearance of Haley’s comet. I do though throw out junk every year my wife accumulates. Of course, I do it when she’s out of the house,hehe.



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