Why does this man look unhappy? I’ll tell you in a minute–and yes, that’s a real photo of a real man in Venezuela.

Seems that this man was driving down the highway and became involved in an accident. He was knocked out cold. When he woke up, the medical examiner was conducting his autopsy!

Ay, carumba! When the ME noticed that the man was bleeding, they stitched him up and sent him back to the hospital, quickly removing him from the morgue.

Now . . . my Jennifer Graham has had quite a few adventures in her funeral home, but I think I’ll pass this potential plot problem by. Eeek!~

For more information, you may check out the link here:


I tell you, you can’t make this stuff up. 🙂


P.S. News flash! If you didn’t see Deanna Favre’s interview with Greta on TV last night, you can see it here: http://gretawire.foxnews.com. Look for the link!

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  1. Leslie

    I’d heard about this. Its hilarious (to everyone but him and his family, I’d wager)!! I hadn’t heard how he was doing, but since he’s up and around I guess that means he’s doing pretty good.


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