It’s our last full day here at the novel writing intensive . . . my head is full of thoughts and my calendar is too short of days, but I’ll try my best to make the two match up when I get home.

Don shared a joke this morning that he got from Wikipedia. We were doing an exercise on writing humor, so to put us in the mood, he told this joke: A gardener, an architect, and a lawyer are talking about the distinguished history of their professions. The gardener brags about the Garden of Eden—”We go back to the beginning of time,” he says. The architect says “We go even further than that because God designed and BUILT the world out of primordial chaos.”

The lawyer smiles smugly and says, “And who do you think created the primordial chaos?”

LOL! 🙂 And big hugs to all my lawyer friends.

Anyway, tonight I think we’re having a big time in the big city of Boston. Going to get a Trivial Pursuit game and play until our eyelids droop. (Actually, we’re about an hour out of the big city. We’re tucked into this charming little inn, and there are two weddings here tonight. Maybe we’ll go out and dance on the green.)

Another half day tomorrow, then I catch a shuttle and head to the airport. It’s been a good week, a thoughtful one, and I’ll be glad to be home! The best thing about going away is always coming home!


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  1. Catherine

    Being from Boston, I was wondering, is Angie actually staying in the “big” city or is she on the suburbs? Now you have answered my question but not all the way. So, the clues are 2 weddings, an inn (about an hour outside) and a green (presumably on a golf hole), hmmm, I am thinking somewhere on the North Shore off of route 128.
    Well, curiosity killed the cat.


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