My friend Deb Raney has come up with the neatest idea for a blog! (Don’t you love the picture of her in her bell-bottoms!)

First, you may know her as novelist Deborah Raney, author of novels like A VOW TO CHERISH. But she is also a homemaker extraordinaire, and her love extends to her garden. She has put together a blog at , where she features other novelists and their gardens.

I do love gardening, though I don’t have much space or time for it these days (though I am looking forward to putting in my winter flowers–they just can’t hack the Florida summers, so around October of every year I throw rye grass seed and put in lovely blooms).

In any case, be sure to visit Deb’s garden spot in cyberspace–you may find some of your favorite novelists and their gardens!

Me, I’m still in Boston where it’s CHILLY and I’m wearing a SWEATER! Can’t believe it!


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