Okay, this was a little unsettling. But interesting. And if you’re in the market for another car, maybe it’d be worth checking out:


What a wonderful time we all had at the InScribe Conference in Canada. I’ve never met a more lovely group of people or experienced a sweeter group spirit. I DID arrive on Friday night, though later than I planned, and I asked for a few minutes to freshen up before I spoke. This was granted, so I ran to my room to change out of my wrinkled clothes and to brush my teeth. My hostess, Susan, had said that I’d be the last speaker of the day, and so I’d joked that I could simply finish and then send everyone off to bed.

So I put on a dress . . . and then the Lord whispered a suggestion in my ear. Crazy, though. But certainly more comfortable. So I changed out of my dress and put on my pajamas . . . and went down to speak.

They were very kind when I walked in–no one wondered why the main speaker was wearing this very gaudy, fuzzy purple outfit . . . but when I confessed that I was speaking in my pajamas, they all roared.

And after my little talk, I sent everyone–including myself–to bed with a heartfelt “nighty-night.” 🙂

One girl laughed at breakfast this morning. “I’ve never heard anyone speak in their pajamas,” she said, “but I was expecting the unexpected.”




  1. Kay

    What chutzpa! I love it! If we do movie night at Glen Eyrie, I think we should ALL wear our PJs!

  2. Kay

    ugh, and I so wish that I hadn’t watched that car thing.

  3. Accidental Poet

    I would like to point out that we’re *Canadian* – we’d never SAY anything about purple fuzz. Bright purple fuzz, if memory serves …

  4. Angela

    LOL. Yes, but wasn’t it you, Susan, who referred to the BRIGHT purple fuzz as a “jewel tone?” If that’s Canadian, I think I’m ready to emigrate!

    And Kay, I LOVE it. Consider it done. Movie night at Glen Eyrie this year will be observed in pajamas. Spread the word, so everyone’s pajamas will be, um, suitable. 🙂

    We already have the movie . . .


  5. Anonymous

    hehe — nope.. it was me.. and I still think you look great in the jewel tones 🙂 Was a pleasure meeting you face to face, and hanging out a bit a supper 🙂


  6. Accidental Poet

    Yeah, I was trying to remember who it was, Anonymous L (from Saskatchewan, yes?) because I have never used the phrase “jewel tones” in my whole life.

  7. darien

    Sounds like you had a great time (except maybe for the looooonnnnnnngggg flight). I’m glad they treated you well…I’m still jealous. That’s only because I’m trying to sort out French grammar, to write in French, to listen in French, to think in French. My brain is getting tired!

    Now, how WAS the cake?

  8. Anonymous

    L. from Edmonton Ab… the lady sitting across the table from Angie at supper 🙂 Jewel tones are the lovely rich deep tones of a color.



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