Questions and answers about Doesn’t She Look Natural?

Well, I suppose this will teach me to answer questions as they come up! 🙂

I have been HARD at work on “THE FACE”–even to the point of feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, but now that I’m into the third draft, I think it’s beginning to shape up. I hope so, anyway, and next week I’ll be in Boston, hard at work in a little room with the manuscript. Since the book is due at the end of this month, there’s not much time to waste.

If you think of any other questions about “Doesn’t She?”, be sure to leave them below. Otherwise, we’ll go back to our regularly unscheduled programming!


P.S. And here’s the trailer for “Doesn’t She Look Natural?” (Requires Quick time.)


  1. Elsi Dodge

    Sorry, but … what’s “The Face”? What’s this a trailer for? And, what’s the line I missed about the lawyer’s hair?!

  2. jan

    the trailer was really good! please tell me again how these are produced? are the people in the trailer people you know?

  3. Kay

    I guess you know that Dean Koontz has a book called The Face. Is that a concern? Not a concern?

  4. Angela

    THE FACE is my wip–I posted a first chapter the other day. And I’ve edited the trailer, so hopefully you can read all the lines now.

    Do I know the people in the trailer? I know the gal playing “Jennifer,” but that’s all. She works for Tyndale.

    And yes, I know that Koontz has “The Face”–in fact, I’ve read it! But you can’t copyright titles and may of them are repeated, especially when they’re as simple as “Article/Noun.”


  5. Catherine

    Great trailer.
    I can’t wait to introduce my mother to Angela Hunt books, in fact, I think I will send her one today. She is in her late 70’s, loves to read and now is having trouble getting around.
    Have fun in Boston (my favorite city in the US)!


  6. Peggy Blann-Phifer

    Angie, the trailer looks great! Now I have a question/favor: Where did you fin the picture of that fantastic Victorian? I’ve been looking for something exactly like that for my WIP. I would only use it for reference to keep in my files. Would you mind sharing?

    Oh, and enjoy Boston! I haven’t been there since I was a little girl–um, several years ago, now.

  7. Mocha with Linda

    Woohoo! Found this BOM! And in the process, found and printed the list of previous BOMs! Loved the trailer.


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