Had to spell it that way because if I don’t, the comments box will be overtaken by people selling stationery online! And while I don’t begrudge anyone the right to sell things online, I’d rather they didn’t do in my comments box.

Ahem. Guess what arrived today? A box of my latest release, DON’T BET AGAINST ME, Deanna Favre’s story of her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. I really enjoyed working with Deanna and Carol Traver, one of my Tyndale editor, on this book. It’s a great story for anyone (especially for football fans, since Deanna’s hubby is Brett Favre, the QB for the Green Bay Packers), but it’s especially encouraging for anyone battling breast cancer. So–the book is out and all royalties to go Deanna’s HOPE Foundation, which provides funds for women undergoing chemo.

Also be sure to check out Deanna’s web site–lots of information there! http://www.deannafavre4hope.com.



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