Okay, if you grew up watching “A Thief in the Night” or even if you have been reading the “Left Behind” series, you need to watch the above clip on YouTube. It’s done in good fun, but it makes a point . . . even though I’ve never been nervous about the Rapture. On the contrary, I’ve been looking forward to it (even though I did kind of hope that the Lord would wait until after I’d gotten married.)

HT to Robin Lee Hatcher for alerting me to this–it’s a hoot! Apparently this minister of music wrote it for his pastor’s sermon on Daniel and the end times.

~~Angie, hard at work on her book . . . and I’M READY!


  1. Kay

    oh. I was very nervous about the rapture in my younger days. Mostly because of that film.

    Once, I think it was storming or something, but somehow I thought something was wrong. I called to my mom, (dad worked nights), no answer. My sister joined me and still no answer.
    We finally found her in the shower where she couldn’t hear us. We were both sobbing by then. We knew those people were going to behead us because she’d be taken and we were left!
    I wonder how many kids were traumatized by that movie?

    Someone wrote a novel and had a similar incident in it. It was very funny, but I can’t think of the author or the title.

    Cute clip!

    BTW, now, I’m not nervous — I’m ready!

  2. jan

    i remember seeing the “northern lights” way down here in the south one night. i just knew it was the end of the world! found out the next day that it was just the lights, and this was rare for us to see them this far south!
    did anyone read the book “666?” read it at an younger age, and it scared me!
    i am happy to say that i am now ready for the rapture and not scared of it anymore!

  3. Katy McKenna

    Hi, Angie! I go to church with the pastor who wrote the song (my hubby’s on the worship team…). I’ve never been exactly scared of “missing it” since I got saved as a teenager. HOWEVER, what Randy wrote about the man and wife in the bed and how only one is taken, and it’s too bad he married up???? I am so there!! 🙂

    Katy McKenna

  4. Angela

    I got tickled about the line that wonders why the “taken” ones leave their clothes behind, all laid out perfectly straight–that IS funny!

    Have you ever worried about your pets? About who’ll take care of them?


  5. Accidental Poet

    No, I have not wondered about my pets, thankyouverymuch. At least not until THIS MORNING

  6. Katy McKenna

    If my husband gets taken from the bed and leaves his clothing all straightened and flat and neat, it’ll be a FIRST! That’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

  7. Doni Brinkman

    Angie that is hilarious. I saw that movie one too many times as well and never wanted to sing that song or “One in the Spirit” either because of it. Haunting….:) However, DC Talk resurrected Wish We’d All Been Ready several years back and I learned to like it again:).

  8. SuseADoodle

    Like the person who left the comment about calling out to a parent and not getting an answer — I “got saved” at 8 years old, but there were those times when I was so afraid that somehow I’d been missed and that Mom had been raptured … I knew I was supposed to go, but what if the angels just overlooked me because they were so busy gathering up all those people?

    Then, my husband sometimes dreams about the rapture — the angel comes and asks him if he’s ready to go. He looks at his garden and wonders if anyone will get to use the vegetables he’s been growing — and is told don’t worry, someone will be blessed by them. Then he asks about me (“she went already,” he is told) and then he asks about the two little cats who love us and depend on us. And he worries about them — wouldn’t it be terrible if they ended up starving to death because no one was here to put out their food for them. And he is told not to worry about them. God loves all His creatures.



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