I have two announcements today–first, my friend Kathy Mackel has joined the blogosphere! See the link at the right or just go to http://godanddogwalking.blogspot.com . Kathy is a wonderful writer and friend, as I’m sure you’ll discover.

Second, blogspot has finally implemented a way to post videos on our blogs! You KNOW I’ll be all over that as soon as I figure it out. I have a couple of videos I can’t wait to share, but I have to finish my daily pages before I can begin to experiment.

Okay, call the kids around and play this online game. It’s silly, but who says we have to be serious all the time? Good luck at feeding the cat!


~~Angie, who does NOT need another way to procrastinate


  1. SuseADoodle

    No one NEEDS a reason to procrastinate, but the next time I want to AVOID, AVOID, AVOID the writing I’m supposed to be doing, I’m heading back here to click that link! Lot’s of fun. Enjoyed the Simpsonize Yourself link the other day too. Keep these goodies coming our way (along with all your other wonderful posts!)

  2. Elsi Dodge

    My own personal saber-toothed tiger, who masquerades as a gentle tabby cat, does not find the “feed the cat” link funny at all. He would like you to know there is no higher calling than feeding the cat!

  3. Richard Mabry

    Angie–You truly don’t have enough to do, do you? Where do you come up with all these things?

    I made the mistake of sharing the link of the ‘feed the cats’ game with my wife, Kay. Now would you like to come here and cook supper for me? I may not be able to pry her loose from the computer.

  4. Angela

    Well, Doc, one of my missions in life is to provide hours of pleasant entertainment! 🙂 That game IS addictive, I know!



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