I have to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog series to extend a hearty and heart-felt thanks to all those who helped make the Oregon Christian Writers’ conference such a delight. I have never come home so rested and relaxed!

Thank you Pat, Donna, Mary, Eva and Petey, Sandy, Phil and his magic mandolin, DJ, Ernie, Christine and Sherry (see you on the blogs!), Stu, Hillary and John, Sally, Jeanne and Gloria, and Bobbi and the bookstore staff . . . and I am SURE I have forgotten someone. (The hospitality committee even had BUBBLE GUM BALLS waiting in my room!) I had a wonderful time catching up with Gloria and Dan, Bill (who talked opera with me), Karen (who taught me a new photography trick) and Nick, not to mention pals Meredith and Randy and so many others . . .

No wonder they call Oregon “God’s country.”

P.S. The photos are of the dahalia fields . . . aren’t they amazing?



  1. Ernie W.

    It was great having you as our Keynoter. I appreciate your time to come and teach us about this wonderful craft of writing. BTW,
    2:30 am wasn’t that early. Heck, it was already 10:30 in England–the only thing we missed was breakfast.


  2. Christina Berry

    Ah, the bubble gum was foreshadowed months ago when I asked what your favorite kind of chewing gum was. 😉 This was my first time of serving with OCW; it’s just as fantastic behind the scenes as it looks on the outside.

    We were so glad to have you with us!


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