Happy August! (Where did July go?) This month I thought I’d talk about The Truth Teller which, as you can see, has been through two incarnations: first with Bethany House, later with Thomas Nelson.

So stay with me this week as we take a look at an oldie but goodie!

A five-year-old boy can sense who is telling the truth…and who isn’t. It’s a gift some will do anything to silence and a mother will do anything to protect.

Lara Godfrey desperately wants to have a child–a living legacy from her late husband. Placing her life in the hands of a doctor she believes she can trust, Lara doesn’t realize a web of deception is being woven around her. An unseen voyeur, with dreams of immortality, plans to use the child for a test–an unbelievable experiment that could have genetic consequences not only for Lara’s baby, but for the entire human race. In the face of danger, Lara must make impossible choices. That’s why she flees the clinic before the baby’s birth. It’s why she changes her name and hides. She knows she must protect this gifted child who can see through lies and identify truth. Yet how can an innocent truth-telling boy survive in a world that wants to destroy truth at any cost?

Tomorrow: How the idea germinated . . .



  1. Kathy

    Turth Teller–My favorite. My copy was published by Bethany in 99. I’ll look forward to hearing how you came up with the idea.

  2. Leslie

    I enjoyed it to, except I read the newer version (need to get my hands on an older copy) and there were A LOT of editing mistakes made with the time lines (like when characters were born and when the story is taking place.) I think at one point one part of the story took place after 2001 and yet something that happened after it took place before 2001. I started getting confused and finally skipped to the end.

    I know that this had to be the publishers and not you at all!!
    The science and the research behind it was wonderfully written. I think my favorite character was the male neighbor (I’ve forgotten character names at this point). I look forward to reading more!

  3. Angela

    Leslie, I am probably to blame for any time line mistakes. That’s the trouble with changing a story–you pull one thread, and so many other threads are affected. 🙁

    In any case, I’m glad you stuck with the story and enjoyed it!


  4. Tina

    Sounds great, perhaps a little creepy! Great cover.


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