Can you BELIEVE that photo? Shudder. I’ve had too many rats in my attic to relate!

While surfing the web yesterday, I found a few new links:

I’m a boomer babe! My fabulous friend Allison Bottke has honored me with a spot on her website

Read the first Chapter of of Doesn’t She Look Natural online.

And that’s it. I’ve had a busy week–trying to finish an edit of a book I wrote about ten years ago so it can be republished–cutting out thousands of unnecessary words! Also trying to get a theology paper done and out the door, and I have to write three speeches for the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference . . . whew!



  1. Angela

    Ah–the second of the Legacies of the Ancient River series. All three will be republished next year, I think.


  2. jan

    yes, you are busy! brings new meaning to “a woman’s work is never done!”
    can’t wait to read the “legacy of the ancient river” series if it is
    republished. i have read so many of your books, but i have never had a chance to read this series.also looking forward to reading the new series (“doesn’t she look natural”)! i read the first chapter, and can’t wait to read the rest!
    keep us posted on the movies.
    good luck with all you have to do!

  3. Kay

    Great interview! And I love the first chapter!

  4. Nicole

    I cannot believe no one commented on this photo!! Mercy. The absolute lowest of the lows people can’t find a scrap to eat, and the rats get the “creme de la creme”? Wow.

  5. Linda G

    I’ll comment on the photo. It reminds me of an episode of “The Amazing Race”, maybe season one.
    The racers were in India and had to travel for hours by train to get to a very remote location. Once they got there they had to find a temple that was dedicated to rats. It was pretty gross.

  6. Nora

    I had a hard time reading what you blogged because of the pic. I hate rats like most women hate spiders. Funny thing is the day you blogged this photo my husband came home from work non stop talking about rats. I guess in one day they had moved in on them. They were chewing threw computer cords and eating whole roles of tp leaving crumbs about like a pop can here and there. They caught one and I guess it was huge. I told him not to expect me to be brining him his mocha or lunch from now on. I was teasing but I have to admit I really don’t have a desire to visit his work place at the moment. YUCK! Reminds me of the rats in the book The Novelist.


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