Tonight (Tuesday night) was the Tyndale author dinner at ICRS. The highlight of the evening was hearing Mandisa sing three songs–she was great, and I can’t wait to get her album, “True Beauty.” The last song she sang was all about the sovereignty of God, one of my favorite doctrines. (Kay Day, that song’s for you!)

Heading home from the convention tomorrow. It’ll be good to get back, but I know I’ll have a zillion notes to write and things to put on my to-do list.

Still, coming home is always nice. Photos: me ‘n Mandisa, and the “Ladies who Lunched” today–Teresa, Pam, and Martha from my church with Lori Copeland, Robin Lee Hatcher, and me.



  1. Kay

    Yay! Where do I find it? Is it on her album?

    Oh, and Beth Moore did an awesome lesson on God’s Sovereignty on Life Today awhile back! In light of her childhood abuse even. It was so good.

  2. Julee Ann

    Oh my goodness…Mandisa is our favorite…looking up her website and album release right now. Thanks for the update.

  3. Johnnie Ruth Hamill

    I’m just about to receive “Idol Eyes”. Can’t wait to read it.

    Have an awesome day!


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