I’m going to tell my husband that for my health’s sake, I need two kisses every morning. The chocolate kind.

It’s not every day that you open your newspaper and read news that is honestly, incredibly, terrifically good. But on July 4th, in the Tampa Tribune I read this headline “Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure, Study Shows.”

Yippee! As a woman with high blood pressure, I was thrilled to realize that two Hershey’s kisses would lower my blood pressure. This, of course, makes me wonder why I am shelling out money every month for fancy pills, when I could just eat kisses . . . maybe it’s because it’s hard to stop with just two of those foil-wrapped beauties. And have you seen the new dark chocolate kisses? Just what the doctor ordered.

The best news in all this is that it only takes two kisses to work the magic. Those of us who go through life either on a diet or meaning to be on a diet are grateful, because we can’t have our high blood pressure treatment resulting in the addition of unwanted pounds, because unwanted pounds only raise the blood pressure.

So–two dark chocolate kisses per day keeps the doctor away. The Elizabethans were right–somewhere on the planet, God did give us a cure for every human ailment. Our job is simply to find it.

I think I’ll start my exploration in the pantry.



  1. marla

    I think the postman must have liked your book so much he kept it for himself! I haven’t gotten it yet. ???

    Man, those word verification things give me a headache!

  2. Megan DiMaria

    Because I’m so health conscious, I think I’ll run out to the store in the morning and buy some dark chocolate kisses. Thanks for the advice, Dr. Hunt. Do you think I’ll need a Rx for that??

  3. jan

    Dark chocolate kisses are on my shopping list, now!

  4. Angela

    Never fear, Marla–sometimes media mail takes a while. I think the post office uses a slow boat sometimes.

    And a Rx for chocolate? Just tell ’em the almost-Dr. Hunt sent you! 🙂


  5. Dianne

    Ha ha, this is great! I keep a bag of dark chocolate (Dove is the best, but Hershey’s will suffice) in my bosses’ office (she is a good friend as well). And about 3pm every day, I pay her a visit and get my “antioxidant”! Now I know there’s more reason to continue this practice!

  6. Patti Goldbach

    Isn’t chocolate one of the major food groups? 😮


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