Photo: the fire truck that interrupted my dinner with my editors last week. My imagination was running wild as we waited on the sidewalk–was it a hostage situation? A fire? Someone threatening to jump from an upper story?

Turns out the ruckus was instigated by a faulty smoke alarm. Good news for real life; disappointing for a hyperactive imagination.

Change of topic: A few years ago, my gal pal Jane Orcutt had a brilliant idea–why not offer a chapter a week to people who were interested in Christian novels? And so Chapter a Week was born.

If you haven’t signed up, just send an email Each Friday you’ll get a brief chapter of a new release. Very simple and lots of fun!

I’m jumping into revisions today, going back to Fairlawn for a week-long visit (at least, I think that’s how long it’ll take me to work through this manuscript again.)

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  1. Kay

    I dream about the weirdest things. The other night in my sleep I did a lot of wondering how you co-write books.
    I am curious about how you did the book with Mandisa. Is that considered an autobiography?
    And how about the books you did with Lori Copeland? How do two people write a book?

  2. mrseagen

    Sorry this has nothing to do with this post 🙂 I remember seeing a while ago The Pearl as the BOM and I skipped over it because I hadn’t read it yet. I just finished it and I’m curious about the research and such that went into that book. BTW, outstanding book. I had a hard time with the first few chapters because I have a blond/blue eyed kindergartner. Hard not to feel like Scott Daniel was my own, then towards the end when Diana described late pregnancy abortion… read 1/2 that paragraph and had to put the book down, debated weather or not I needed to finish that page, heartbreaking

  3. Angela

    Thanks for asking, Kay! You’ve just given me a blog topic for tomorrow!

    And Mrs. E., I did lots of research on cloning and other life issues. And partial birth abortion is an awful thing, which is why so many states are beginning to outlaw it. As hard as it is to read about such things, I believe we need to read about them so we can be aware of what’s going on in our world. We need to do what we can to stop such atrocities.


  4. Kathy

    I’m glad you don’t shy away from the issues, Angie. Truth Teller will probably always be my favorite but I loved The Pearl too.

  5. mrseagen

    so was it a BOM discussion? Is so do you happen the know the month/yr? 🙂

  6. Angela

    THE PEARL was the BOM for March 2007. You can find the discussion in the archives–just click on March and scroll all the way to the bottom.


  7. mrseagen

    thank you! no wonder I couldn’t find it I was looking in 2006!


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