Now that cat’s expression is FUNNY!

The reviews are coming in for DOESN’T SHE LOOK NATURAL, and nearly everyone remarks about the humor. It’s so noticeable, in fact, that when I handed in the second book of the series, SHE ALWAYS WORE RED, my editor said it wasn’t as funny as the first. So all week as I’ve been doing revisions, I’ve been sitting here trying to be funny.

It’s hard work!

What makes it hard is that we all laugh at different things. What strikes me as hilarious may not even elicit a smile from someone else, and what tickles someone else may not do more than lift my brow. Furthermore, I think my natural humor is sort of wry, which isn’t roll-on-the-floor funny at all.

Anyway . . . I’m challenging myself to insert four funny somethings in every day’s page quota. I’m suffering over this, believe it or not! Who was it that said, “Dying is easy . . . comedy is hard.” I believe it!

I received one email from Marty, a bookstore manager I met several years ago (and a MALE reader, I might point out.) Marty said this:

Doesn’t She Look Natural was the first choice to read after ICRS. I loved it! Of course, I had to explain myself when I burst out laughing at lunch at the “you have a customer” line. I could just imagine one of my children saying something like that…

I’m glad Marty enjoyed the “you have a customer” line, but truthfully, I don’t even remember writing it! That one must have been accidentally funny.

So pray for me, if you will, during the remainder of this week . . . that my brain would be snapping on all the funny circuits. 🙂

Thank you veddy much.



  1. Marla Taviano

    I checked out the pic on Randy’s blog too–so cute!

    I just wrote in my journal yesterday (about a book I’m working on)–“Lord, will you please just give me FUNNY?! I need more FUNNY!”

    He always answers. God is one of the funniest people (beings) I know.

  2. Jennifer S

    Do you go to High Def or Big Church?

    Jennifer S

  3. Christina Berry

    We’ve advertised our newsletter as infrequent and humorous. The infrequent part is easy. Now, since the newest edition is almost ready to go out, we’re trying to make sure we’re funny, which isn’t much fun.

    Less than two weeks until OCW! (Which will be fun.)

  4. Angela

    Picking up on Linda G’s comment below (How do 2 people write a book):

    The Heavenly Daze series was really the first time I was able to flex my funny muscles. Yes, I wrote the story about Olympia’s “detour,” and also the tale of Rev. Wickam’s toupee. It was great fun . . . I’d sit in my office and laugh myself silly!

    It helps when you’re writing about a town of funny folks. 🙂


  5. Rachel Hauck

    Yes, it’s hard to write funny! But you can do it.


  6. CrownLaidDown

    Praying for every bone of yours to be funny!
    Love in Him,

  7. Lynda

    Angie, Anybody who could write that scene about Rev. Wickam’s toupee does not need to worry about being funny. That scene is still my all time favoirte funny scene in a book! I still laugh just thinking about it. So,write what’s funny to you and I’m sure the rest of us will laugh along!


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