Whew. I thought it would never arrive.

I worked like a dervish this past week to get the book with Deanna Favre out the door–now I hope everyone likes it. She’s a wonderful lady and I enjoyed working with her.

I spent Friday trying to enlarge my Windows drive on Mac Parallels–finally figured it out–and then I had to complete my paper for my doctoral class on Systematic Theology, Part One. Here’s a little sample of it:

Objection Fifteen: Act/Potency or Necessary/Contingent models are arbitrary. Response: These models are not arbitrary; they are logical and final. The universe is composed of a Necessary Being alone, or a Necessary being and contingent beings, because contingent beings cannot create themselves, yet they can cease to exist—or not exist. There are no other alternatives.

Objection Sixteen: The cosmological argument commits modal fallacies. Response: If a contingent being exists, then a Necessary Being must exist—if any being with the potential not to exist exists, then a Being with no potentiality to exist must exist. God is a necessary being because He cannot not be necessary. All finite things need a cause for their existence.

Are you dizzy yet? I am. 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad it’s Saturday and I can putz around the house for a change. BTW, two of my favorite pals are now blogging–Athol Dickson and Randy Alcorn. I really appreciate both of these men, and you’ll find links to their blogs on the right!

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Rachel Hauck

    Wow, yes I’m dizzy. 🙂

    You amaze me, Angie, with all you do. And you do it well!!



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