I took the following “driver’s test,” and the first time I only got 6/10 correct–a failing grade! So then I went back and figured out one I missed, raising my grade to passing, but I still don’t know which other three were incorrect.

Anyway, I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t drive much. Seriously. My car hardly ever leaves the garage.

Enjoy this little test! I’m hard at work on what I’m tentatively calling THE FACE. Or FACE TO FACE. Something like that. It’s another one of those high concept novels that I’m having trouble putting into words. More later.

(My night blooming cereus is getting close to blooming! I keep running out to check it on the hour . . . and I’m taking pictures!)

So . . . how did you do on this driver’s test?


You Passed Your Driver’s Test

Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct.
You’re a good driver – at least, when you want to be.


  1. Marla Taviano

    Three. THREE?!? And to think that I’m responsible for little lives while behind the wheel of my mini-van.

    Ooh, can’t wait to hear more about the new novel. I’m a little behind. Just read Uncharted yesterday. And had nightmares last night! (LOVED it though!)

  2. Marla Taviano

    Just discovered your cool little book offer thru paypal. How generous! Can’t wait to see which book you pick!

  3. Angela

    It’s already in the mailbox, Marla . . . 🙂


  4. Kay

    I got six.
    Then I changed three and got nine!

  5. Victoria Gaines

    I’m not a bad driver, except when I’m jotting down notes and trying to steer at the same time! Stopping by to see how one of my favorite writers is doing. God bless.

  6. Marla Taviano

    Thank you, Angie! (I feel a little giddy calling you that.) You’re lightning fast!

    ^LOL, Victoria! Same here! I tell myself that a writing idea isn’t worth a car wreck, but then I do it anyway.

  7. Leslie

    I originally got 8 of 10, but the one about passing on the shoulder? In Texas when someone is turning left…that is legal, but they have that as illegal. There were a couple of others that I noticed that depending on where you are from, could be “wrong”

  8. Leslie

    Just me again. It took me forever to figure out which other one I got “wrong”

    Its the one about the blinking red light. They say you are supposed to yield. I’d love to know what state they are from (In Cali and Texas a blinking red light is the exact same thing as a stop sign!)

    So, for those of you who got a bunch wrong, I wouldn’t take too much stock in this quiz 😉

  9. Anonymous

    God Bless Leslie for telling me which one I got wrong! I mostly drive in Cal and Texas too (but I also have driven in almost every state in the union),and I never would have said “yield” for that one. Well it was another of your fun diversions, Angie! Thx for keeping us alert. Clyde


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