If you like art–and I hope you do–you should find this video fascinating.





  1. Kay

    Isn’t that gorgeous?
    I am struck by how varied “beauty” is and also by how little it has changed over 500 years.

  2. ty

    Oh my gosh! I LOVED that!!

  3. Marla Taviano

    Wow–incredible. How do people do that?? Have you seen the Mona Lisa video where the guy re-created it using the program “Paint?”

    Love, love, love your writing!

  4. Marla Taviano

    Me again. I just noticed the books you’ve got coming out this year. They look incredible. You floor me.

  5. Anonymous

    As the daughter and granddaughter of artists, I have been exposed to much art … but this morphing from Leonardo and Sargent to Picasso, Renoir and (I think)Modigliani is the most amazing artistic feat I have ever seen. Mesmerizing!!! When do you find the time to find these little tidbits? Or do you have friends supplying you with them? Whatever, just keep them coming. I look forward every day to what your blog will have to offer! It’s always mind-stimulating!!! Clyde


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