BTW, my book club read “Love Walked In,” by Marisa De Los Santos this past month. We really enjoyed it! You can tell the author’s a poet.

I’m up here in Estes Park, CO, a lovely place. Tonight I had dinner with Lisa Samson, Patty Hickman, Kathy Mackel, and Nancy Rue, for wonderful gal pals. Pretty close to a perfect girls’ night out.

The PW review of “The Elevator” just came out. Fortunately, it’s a good one. And for once, they didn’t use the word “competent.” 🙂

The Elevator
Hunt, Angela (Author)

ISBN: 037378578X
Steeple Hill
Published 2007-07
Paperback, $13.95 (384p)
Fiction | Religious – General; Fiction | Suspense; Fiction | Romance – General

Reviewed 2007-04-30

Prolific novelist Hunt knows how to hold a reader’s interest, and her latest yarn is no exception. As Hurricane Felix races toward Tampa, three women’s paths unexpectedly converge when they’re marooned in an elevator. The action takes place over the course of one tension-packed day. Michelle Tilson is a smart, 33-year-old headhunter who is apt to fudge the truth in the interests of more business. She’s in a passionate relationship with a widower, who’s reluctant to introduce her to his three children. Michelle’s biological clock is ticking, and when she discovers she is pregnant, she’s ready to press for a commitment. When Michelle boards the elevator to give her lover the news-instead of fleeing the impending disaster-she-s joined by office cleaner Isabel Suarez, who has a frightening secret, and Gina Rossman, who is on her way to confront her workaholic husband about his extramarital affair. Trapped, the women discuss relationships and faith, and make some startling discoveries. Although the idea of characters stuck in an elevator is nothing new, Hunt packs the maximum amount of drama into her story, and the pages turn quickly. The present tense narration lends urgency as the perspective switches among various characters. Readers may decide to take the stairs after finishing this thriller. (July)

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  1. Accidental Poet

    The ending of that book haunts me …definitely a fast-paced, seat of your pants kind of book. I loved it.

  2. Kay

    I can’t wait to read it!

    If you can make one day fill a novel, why am I having so much trouble finding enough words to describe a whole lifetime?
    Well, I know why, actually. I am not a natural detail person.

    Also, there’s the fact that you are a pro. You can do anything! 🙂

  3. Nicole

    Sounds intense. I’m sold already. Good review and didn’t reveal too much–which is why I generally don’t read them or more than a couple sentences of backcover copy.

  4. oli

    Angie, I have so many books on my nightstand on my too read pile. This one will go to the top!

  5. Anonymous

    Ordered it a while back and won’t sleep until it arrives!!! Have a great time in Colorado! Clyde


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