One of the features I like most about Netflix is when they recommend something for me. They are constantly recommending movies I’ve never heard of, and occasionally after watching I WISH I’d never heard of a few . . .

But recently I watched an older movie called THE SCARLET AND THE BLACK, starring Christopher Plummer and Gregory Peck. Once I got over the feeling that Christopher Plummer was going to break into a chorus of “Edelweiss” (spelling?), I really loved the movie. Best of all, it’s based on a TRUE story of a priest who was rescuing Jews and POWS during the Nazi occupation of Rome. And what a lovely redemptive . . . well, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. It’s worth watching.

As I watched, though, I kept thinking about how BLESSED we are as a nation. I mean, these people were enduring food shortages, they couldn’t walk down the street without being stopped, people were shot with no provocation whatsoever. No civil rights, little food, no freedom–and there are many countries today where people still live under those conditions.

As Americans, we have been spoiled. But this film reminded me of the courage and honor that can rise to the surface in times of great distress . . . and it made me wonder how we, the Body of Christ, would behave if such conditions were forced on us today.

It’s a good movie. Worth the rent.

P.S. Enjoying the Colorado mountains and the wonderful folks at the CWCC conference.



  1. terri gillespie

    Adding that one to my Netflix. Thanks, Angie!

    BTW, just finished a book written in 1894 by David Baron (a Messianic Jew) titled The Jewish Problem: Its Solution. Angie, it was one of the most prophetic books I’ve ever read. The central theme is Romans 11, Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiah 24-37.

    Written to the Christians he proclaimed that Israel would be a nation again and that God was not finished with His Jewish people. Given this was written over 50 years before Israel became a nation, and he never lived to see that miracle, the significance is compelling.

    The book is out of print, we’re thinking of posting it on the MJAA website; however there are other reprints of Baron’s books on Amazon.

    FWIW. Hugs.


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