I really don’t remember any terrific difficulties in writing Unspoken–the story came together nicely, and said what I wanted to say. I do remember wishing that I could get my entire message across through general or natural revelation–Sema could be a witness to agnostic Glee, her handler, but Sema couldn’t tell Glee about Jesus because the specifics of salvation are contained in special revelation, not general.

So I created Glee’s grandmother, a cheerful woman who runs a motel on the Gulf coast. Glee’s granny doesn’t preach, however, because she’s more into talking about animals and the reasons God created them.

I set the story in my home county because when you have to do a lot of other research for your story, it’s easier to fall back on a location you know. I live about a mile from lots of those motels on the beach, so it was a simple matter to set the story in my own area.

I wanted a story where a woman comes to a knowledge of the Lord through the animal kingdom–and Glee does. Through Sema, she hears not only a testimony, but sees the living embodiment of the good news. And if I say much more, I will give away too many plot points.

Tomorrow: the editing



  1. Melissa

    Have you visited the “Pink Shell” motel south of you in the Sanibel/Ft.Myers area? When I was in Jr High there was such one almost exactly as you described in the book and brought back fond memories when we used to travel back and forth from St.Pete,in fact! It may be gone by now,but it was a popular “resort”(way before the big fancy ones now built),but kinda rundown and what would now be considered an eyesore.

  2. Angela

    My parents and I stayed in a “Pink Shell” motel (on Indian Rocks Beach) back when I was about fourteen . . . but it’s no longer there. Most of those smaller motels are disappearing, replaced by high rise apartments and condos. Pretty soon the entire coastline will be one continuous stretch of high rises . . .

    Too bad. Especially when a hurricane heads toward shore.



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