The editing must have been simple because I don’t remember a thing about it! (Either that, or I need to up my doseage of ginko babola.)

I do remember one thing my editors and I went round and round about. All during the time I was writing, I called the book “The Oracle”–intending, of course, for Sema to be the oracle through which God spoke. My editor felt, however, that people would hear “oracle” and think of “The Matrix.”

We went back and forth, calling the book “The Oracle,” “The Captive,” and “Unspoken.” Finally I put up three sample covers on my web site, sent a letter out to my newsletter list, and let my readers pick the title. “Unspoken” won the vote by a wide margin and now it’s hard for me to think of the book in any other way.

“Unspoken” was the first title in years to break my pattern of “The *Whatever*”. Since then, of course, we’ve had “Uncharted” and I’m tentatively calling my novel-in-progress “Unmasked.” Obviously, I don’t waste a lot of creativity on my titles. 🙂

The first photo is a mock up cover I sent to my editors as a suggestion. The second photo is one they had in mind. We had a hard time coming up with the right image until I found the baby gorilla picture at an online image site. That little gorilla guy or girl won our hearts immediately.

Tomorrow: Results/reader reaction


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  1. Accidental Poet

    Totally evokes The Matrix for me. Fresh baked cookies, anyone?


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