Have you received these pictures in your email? These little babies are made of clay and mohair (not marzipan!) 🙂 Aren’t they adorable?

And I have to apologize–I’ve been tagged twice with the “thinking blogger award” and tagged by Christina for a thingy, but I’ve been pre-writing my posts (deadline looming), so I’m afraid I’m behind on everything. I’ll get to all those things if I can–and I’m honored you’d think of me!

Now on to the really important stuff–

Okay, gals, if you’re like me and you’re constantly getting suckered into paying twenty bucks for mascara just so you can get the little bag of freebies as the Clinque or Estee Lauder or whatever counter, I have good news for you.

I read in my local paper about www.newbeauty.com . Here’s the scoop. Four times a year, for $29.50, you get a “test tube” of sample cosmetics, many of which retail for far more than thirty bucks (cosmetics have to be the most overpriced substances in the world, don’t they?)

BTW, the “test tube” is a good deal for trying new things, but if you haven’t yet discovered Paula Begouin’s DON’T GO TO THE COSMETICS COUNTER WITHOUT ME book, you have to get a copy. Paula takes practically every line of makeup in existence and tells you what works, what doesn’t, and what’s ridiculously overpriced. After I got my book, I took it with me to Target and stocked up on all the GOOD products at REASONABLE prices.

Paula also has her own cosmetics line (www.cosmeticscop.com), and I have tried several of her products. I’d much rather use something I understand (Paula’s very good at explaining why a product works) than pay a fortune for something that’s all hype (like that stretch marks cream that’s expensive and ineffective.)

So–you heard it here, gals! test tubes and Paula Begouin. You’ll never look at makeup in the same way again!



  1. Christina Berry

    Ah, anonymous, you are too quick. I’ve seen the pictures many times and never thought to “snopes” them. Still, a great practical post on the makeup. I’ve seen interviews with gorgeous women in their eighties–their only secret was Ponds moisturizing cream. Slather away.

  2. Angela

    Thanks for letting me know about the inaccuracy. I usually check Snopes.com first thing, but I guess I just WANTED to believe they were edible sugar! (I have a killer sweet tooth.)




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