I forgot to mention that yesterday pictures of my writing space was featured on the Charis Connection blog–http://charisconnection.blogspot.com. There’s even a picture of my dogs!

I’ve been praying for the folks of Greensburg, Kansas since the tornado hit them. It must be awful to have a force of nature carry away your home and all your belongings in the space of two minutes.

But one thing struck me as I’ve been reading about the tornado damage. Greensurg was famous for two things–it was home of the world’s largest hand-dug well and home to a 1,000 pound meteorite which was displayed in the center of town. The twister destroyed the well . . . and the meteorite has vanished.

Surely it went SOMEWHERE. Where do you think it’ll show up?



  1. E

    In Oz?? Way weird.

  2. Anonymous

    Tornados do the strangest things. We live (and grew up) in Oklahoma, and my Dad has all kinds of tornado stories-metal driven, cattle flying the whole bit. But one of the things he saw was a house totally destroyed, except for a perfectly intact bowl of oatmeal still on the table w/ the spoon. Jeane W.

  3. Kay

    Bummer! I was hoping the meteorite would show up at my house. At least a piece of it. I think they are the coolest things!
    My parents will be driving through Greensburg next month as well as a small town here in CO that was wiped out earlier this year. I have never seen anything like that. Don’t know that I want to.
    I read that the hospital at Greensburg was destroyed. How scary is that. Having worked at a hospital it makes me consider the logistics. Did they all escape? A hospital evacuation would be a huge undertaking. Where would all those people go?

  4. Angela

    I’m glad they found their famous meteorite. Especially since their famous well was destroyed.

    Last night I dreamed I was in a tornado. This must be more in my subconscious than I realized!


  5. Accidental Poet

    I’m waiting for a MESSY writer’s place on Charis. They have to exist somewhere other than my house, don’t they?

  6. Angie

    Growing up in the Midwest, I was always rather fascinated by tornados. Until my very young children and I were in one last spring. One minute we were eating food from the Chinese buffet. The next minute a huge transformer mounted on a pole outside the window exploded. Then the winds hit. The Lord kept us nice and safe underneath our booth table. Though unfortunately, a pastor died at the store right across the street from us when the roof colasped. Yikes! This is getting long. I’d better log off and get to writing. (Maybe my heroine needs to be in a tornado. I’m in the moshy middle and the story could use a little excitement.)


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