I love this! At Mt. Hermon, fellow novelist and gal pal DiAnn Mills showed me her bracelet, made of antique typewriter keys. I loved it so much I bookmarked the web site and came home to order my own. It arrived today–the “wordsmith” bracelet pictured at right. I love it because I learned to type on a manual typewriter (translation for you younger people: a typewriter that doesn’t plug into anything!)

DiAnn had her bracelet custom-made (and I won’t tell you what hers said so she’ll have a fighting chance of remaining unique), and I’m thinking of having one made for my agent. But shhhh! Don’t tell her!

If you like the unique, check out the typewriter key jewelry at http://www.tabtypewriterkeyjewelry.com . Enjoy!


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  1. Christina Berry

    Those are quirky, yet cute. I love them! Maybe, when we sign our first contract, I’ll get one for Mom. I won’t tell your agent if you don’t tell my mother. 😉


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