Not a lot to say, as I’m home again and scurrying to catch up. Watched “The Queen” last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Couln’t help but notice that the WSJ did a piece on all the upcoming Diana books coming out this summer in honor of the tenth anniversary of her death.

And I’ve got to say–in the battle between the Diana and Buckingham Palace, I usually find myself siding with the palace. Diana knew what she was marrying into, she knew about Camilla from the beginning, and she was a master manipulator of the press. The girl had some real problems, but the public didn’t see that side of her–though occasionally we were “treated” to transcripts of her cell phone conversations with her lovers.

(Eye rolling here.) In any case, I’m for moving past the sordid mess and getting on with life. Perhaps I tend to side with the Queen because I’m the sort who likes to folllow the rules . . . it’s in my nature. And tradition can be a lovely and meaningful thing. In times of stress, it can hold a country together, and the Brits have been examples of courage under fire many times.

On the plane home yesterday, I was reading a book called “Survival of the Prettiest” (research), and I learned/realized that one reason the public loved Diana was because of her beauty. If she’d been plainer, or cared less about her clothes, hair, and makeup, I’ll bet my booty that the public hue and cry wouldn’t have been nearly as great. Deny it if you will, but research has proven that people forgive beautiful people a lot faster than they do plain folks.

Princess Anne, for instance, has zillions of charities, ditto for Charles, and do they get the publicity Diana got? No.

In any case, beauty–which is often only skin deep–gets forgiven a lot in this life. Don’t think it will account for much in the next, though.



  1. Kristy Dykes

    Amen to your post. I loved Diana, esp. when she was “Lady Di” during her engagement. We even named our new registered Cocker Spanial Lady Diana. But she had deep problems, like you said, and I believe those destroyed her marriage. Ditto, to everything you said in your post. She worked the media to her advantage. Need my public ratings raised? Alert the media that I’m going to India, etc.

    It’s a very sad tale. It breaks my heart. “The saddest word of tongue or pen…what could’ve been,” or however that quote goes.

  2. Dana

    I’m so glad you posted this. It’s true that the public loves/forgives beautiful people. Look at Bill Clinton too. Many people find him attractive/charming and they didn’t seem to care what he did while president (or other times either). Anyway, this is a weird connection but I got bangs cut into my hair today and felt kind of bad about it because they didn’t turn out the way I would have liked – but – what does it really matter anyway…… 🙂

  3. Dana

    Oh Angie, remember when you asked if anyone ever gave us compliments that sounded like insults? I’ve gotten 2 just recently.

    First, a friend noticed my necklace and said “Where did you get your necklace? Those used to be popular a LONG TIME AGO.”

    And today I went out looking nice enough – did my hair, had a nice outfit on – just didn’t put on make-up. I saw a friend and she said, “Well, you look thrown together.” Yikes. Then she said “no offense”. Right. Reminds me of Simon Cowell when he says, “I don’t mean to be rude but…” Sure.

  4. Rachelle

    I am totally guilty of liking and forgiving Diana because she was beautiful! Your post just made me realize this. Diana’s fairytale wedding came at a very impressionable time of my life… I was about 18 and the romance of it was so enticing! I couldn’t help loving her at that time because she embodied every little-girl dream of becoming a Princess. Funny because I didn’t think I’d ever had those dreams.

    And as far as any ongoing battles between Diana and the Palace… all I can say is that history shows the royal family has been pretty messed up for centuries. They’re probably all to blame for all the messiness.

  5. Rachel Hauck

    Great post, Angie. I agree with you.

    I heard a Diana quote several times over the years. When asked if she loved Charles, she said, “He’s the future King of England, how can I go wrong?”

    I think she knew wha she was getting into. I also think she had unrealistic hopes.


  6. Angela

    Oh, Dana. 🙁 Those were “ripe” back-handed compliments. Maybe you should practice a look of disgust! LOL! (see post above).


  7. Dana

    LOL!! I think I’ll try that!! Hahahahaha….. I’ve rolled that sentence around in my head so many times now “well you look thrown together”. AAAHHHHH!!!


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