Know what nice thing happened on my Friday the 13th? The hubster brought me roses, classical piano CDs, and bubble gum balls, in celebration of my finishing my book. No, he doesn’t always do that. Chalk it up to Friday the 13th.

Okay, I thought this was interesting. And I’m going to save this info, because since we built our house in 2002, I know the “birthdate” of all my appliances/household fixtures. I’ll watch to see how many of them live a long and useful lifespan.

How long will it last?

6 years: trash compactor (eek! mine only has one year left!)
8-10 years: carpet (I’ve already replaced it, due to daily candle burning. Long story.)
10 years: clothes washer
11 years: freezer, electric water heater
12 years: disposal
13 years: refrigerator, clothes dryer, electric range
14 years: range hood
10-15 years: air conditioner, garage door opener
15 years: gas range, kitchen faucets
15-25 years: laminate floors
20 years: medicine cabinet, tub/shower faucets
20-50 years: whirlpool tub
20+ years: tankless water heater (don’t have one of these, but when my electric model goes, I’m signing on.)
50 years: kitchen cabinets, vinyl floors (that’s a scary thought)
75-100 years: tile floors
Lifetime: wood floors

I find it a little hard to believe that my wood floors (which have doggie nail scratches on them) will outlive me, but I don’t suppose looking good and surviving are the same thing.

And 20 years for a medicine cabinet? What’s to wear out? On its 21st birthday, does it shrivel up and drop off the wall?

Too bad that so many things will undoubtedly be out of style before they die . . . colors of tile floors, for instance. But I’ve personally beheld the tile floors from King Herod’s bathtub at Masada, so I can vouch for their long lifespan.

So, there you have it, courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders. And if the thought of Pergo flooring sticking around for more years than your child will be in school doesn’t paralyze you, I don’t know what will.

BTW–thank you for your honest comments on the post about whether or not you’d drive someoneto an abortion clinic. I appreciate your transparency.

And yes, Kay, I’m taking a vacation in May. Hubby and I are taking a cruise that will take us to London, France, and Spain . . . in a busy seven days. But I’ll be researching while I’m there. 🙂



  1. Dana

    London, France, and Spain… sigh… a writer’s life… 🙂

    I have friends who are leaving to be missionaries in the South of France. I mean really! (they’re actually serving countries they can’t get into)

    BTW, I finished The Justice today (very good!) and began Unspoken. I’m already wondering if I’m going to be okay reading this one. I have a soft spot for animals. 🙂

    Thank you for all your wonderful books – and at the rate your write them I’ll never get through all the ones from the past and keep up with the ones released in the future! So many books, so little time… But, no worries, I’ll keep pressing on. 🙂

  2. Suzanne

    I have to know the story behind the candles and the carpet…LOL

  3. jan

    have you ever noticed that appliances seem to break down the day after the warranty expires?

  4. Kay

    Now that’s my kind of vacation! (I wish)

    We live in a rental that is 40 years old and I know it has the original stove (hood doesn’t work) and bathroom fixtures. The tub is iron, what’s going to happen to it in 20 years? We have the original furnace, too, but I didn’t see that on the list.
    Interesting facts.


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