Not too much happening here except work, work, work.

I did stop at 8:30 p.m. tonight (writing this on Thursday) to watch a movie: THE GREAT RAID. It’s the true story of how a group of Army Rangers raided a POW camp in the Philippines just before the Japanese Army was about to kill all the prisoners. An amazing story, and augmented with actual footage. (BJ–you’d like this one.)

There are some violent scenes, so consider yourself warned, and once again I found myself simply flabbergasted at man’s capacity for evil. But there are also many moments of (true) heroism and bravery and courage.

Learned yesterday that The Novelist is now out in a large print edition; UNCHARTED is now out in paperback, and THE NOTE is now out in mass market (that’s the “pocket” size you usually find in grocery stores, etc.) I also received copies of The Novelist in a foreign language–Dutch, I think. When it rains . . .

I wish I were more interesting. 🙂 But now I need to herd my dogs to bed and head there myself.



  1. Christina Berry

    I watched that movie last year. We’d just joined netflix and my husband was on a war movie kick. I groaned before watching it at the thought of yet another depiction of war, but I was truly touched and absolutely loved the movie. I have to recommend another one, Saints & Soldiers, about a small band of soldiers who are trying to complete an impossible mission behind enemy lines. There’s a great natural exploration of faith in this movie, also.

  2. K-Mac

    My dad decided to read Unspoken so he went to the library. And purposefully got the large print version…he really is getting old.
    Oh, maybe I can afford Uncharted now that its out in paperback…

  3. Anonymous

    What’s the story about the COW with the map on her side???

  4. Angela

    LOL! I’m pretty sure the cow is a photoshop creation. Sometimes I just put these pictures up to see if anyone’s paying attention . . .



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